Monday, 21 November 2011


Hackers with access to the utility's network are thought to have broken the pump by turning it on and off quickly.
The FBI and Department for Homeland Security (DHS) are investigating the incident as details emerge of what could be a separate second attack.

Experts said the news revealed a growing interest in critical infrastructure by cyber criminals.

The comments by the DHS prompted a hacker using the handle "pr0f" to claim he had access to the control systems for a second US water utility. 


Tuesday, 8 November 2011


As scientists keep going on their experiments new elements will be discovered now its time to remember more 3 elements which are going to add newly into PERIODIC TABLE

lets see them now The three new elements are 110, 111, and 112.
110.darmstadtium (Ds)
111. roentgenium (Rg)
112. copernicium (Cn)

Copernicium was discovered in 1996 in Germany when zinc and lead were smashed together. The name comes from a Prussian astronomer that died in 1543. Roentgenium was discovered in 1994 and was named after German physicist Conrad Roentgen. The same folks that discovered the Roentgentium discovered Darmstadtium. Darmstadtium was discovered in 1994 and named after the city Darmstadt where the GSI Helmholtz Centre is located.


This is a great news that internet users in India reached 100 MILLION and it soon crosses US count in 2 years.

India's Internet population stood at 112 million by September, making it the third-biggest globally after China and the United States, as news released by  the Internet and Mobile Association of India.

India is adding 5 to 7 million Internet users every month, increasingly in small-town India and among the less wealthy.

China's online population is the world's largest at 485 million while the United States has around 245 million users.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


The solar powered desktops are coming soon into market from "Simmtronics Semiconductors" company.. as per the company news now we can use solar power for desktops, pricing at Rs 28,990
that includes solar setup and with one year on-site warranty ..

This system is not for heavy usages its just for normal computing, accounting, surfing internet.. the PC can withstand for 10 hrs + without solar energy.

The kit includes a 74W solar panel with charge controller, SMF battery and AC inverter. Powering it in the monsoons will be a bit of a challenge though, perhaps you'll need multiple batteries for a few days worth of power.

Sunday, 26 June 2011


China succeeds in its largest unmanned helicopter's first flight

This is quite interesting to hear UNMANNED HELICOPTER from China.

The helicopter, model number "V750", has a load capacity of over 80 kg. It can fly a maximum speed of 161 km per hour with a cruising duration of over four hours. The aircraft can be controlled by humans within a distance of over 150 km or automatically fly following input by its programs.

Used for surveillance, search and rescue, and scientific exploration in both military and civilian purposes.


Mind-Controlled Car Does Exactly What

You Think

The technology was designed in "AUTONOMOUS -LABS " - German - Berlin .

The operation of this car is really fantastic, there is no need to handle the steering in car while u drive, its just the thinking of your BRAIN to take a turn on the roads,brake,accelerate,turn left or right everything by just using brain.


Todays wide technology is the answer in simple..

lets see a video of MIND CONTROL CAR :


The talking car

Your imagination could soon become a reality, thanks to scientists who claim to be developing such a "talking car" with the world's most advanced in-vehicle voice communication system.

The makers of the system, called Sync, claim drivers will be able to use it to ask such age-old questions like - "Where's the nearest petrol station?" or "Can I go to the toilet?" or "Are we nearly there yet?"

In all, Ford says its voice-operated technology will be able to master 10,000 commands in 19 languages, allowing motorists to control audio, telephone and satnav systems as well as accessing information about the surrounding area.

In the event of an accident, the system can identify exactly where in Britain or Europe it has happened and automatically call a local emergency number in the local language.

so we have lot of more features here lets see when this will be available....


Bullet proof Tata Safari @ Rs 60 lakhs

Now Tata is providing a BULLET PROOF SAFARI if u paid them Rs 60 lakhs . so now its possible for every VVIP to get a bullet proof safari from tata for a better safety

The armor of the new Safari is so tough, that it can even withstand an assault by AK-47.

New Tata Safari has a NIJ Level III/B6 protection and a top speed of 150 kmph.

lets see how many people need it in coming future ..

NASA spacecraft now circling Mercury _ a first

For the first time, Earth has a regular orbiting eye-in-the-sky spying on the solar system's smallest and strangest planet, Mercury.

NASA's spacecraft called Messenger successfully veered into a pinpoint orbit Thursday night after a 6 1/2-year trip and 4.9 billion miles and tricky maneuvering to fend off the gravitational pull of the sun. It is the fifth planet in our solar system that NASA has orbited, in addition to the Earth and the moon.

"It was right on the money," Messenger's chief engineer, Eric Finnegan, said. Messenger is in orbit that brings it as close as 120 miles above the planet's surface. "This is as close you can possibly get to being perfect."




Radiation alert: Cellphone exposure can weaken bones

A new study has revealed that electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones may adversely affect bone strength.

Test results revealed average hip BMC and BMD measurements were not significantly different between groups. However, men who did not use cellphones had higher BMC in the right femoral neck (near the top of the thigh bone), a normal left-right difference that was absent in cell phone users. Thus, men who wore their cellphones on the right side had a relative reduction in femoral neck BMC in that hip.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

this is amazing

Soon, operate your phone by simply tapping palm

LONDON: Researchers at Potsdam University in Germany have developed an 'imaginary phone' that lets you keep your phone in your pocket and use apps or answer calls by tapping your hand.

Patrick Baudisch and his colleagues envision someone doing dishes when his smart phone rings. Instead of quickly drying his hands and fumbling to answer, the imaginary phone lets him simply slide a finger across his palm to answer it remotely.

The concept relies on a depth-sensitive camera to detect where you are pressing on your palm. Software interprets finger positions and movements and correlates it to the position of icons on a person's iPhone.

The technology used is similar to that in Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing gaming system. The signal is sent to a computer that processes it and then sends the relevant command to your cellphone.

To work effectively, however, you'd need to know precisely where the apps are on their physical phone, and a technology that can sense where they are pressing on their hand so a computer can respond and send commands to your phone – wherever it is, reports New Scientist.

Monday, 28 March 2011


'The world's most powerful smartphone'

Today most of the smart phones has a wide range of applications and they are increasing day to day in this technology world, starting from 1G now its 4G in the present market, now lets talk about the Motorola Atrix 4G - the worlds most powerful smart phone with 2 GHz processing speed and even it can make functions as well as a laptop , 5 MP camera.

coming to the cost : its 200 $ - phone

500 $ - with dock and phone


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